The road to Aluminiumart. From Bugattis to butterflies

It takes a little time to get a grasp of Aluminiumart. On first sight people often say “Ooh, that’s a bit different” and they are quite right. Put “aluminium holly wreath” into google and only one result comes up, with a link to my website. Not that anyone would search for such a thing in the first place which poses a problem for me and my marketing. Reading this you may have already seen my work or someone has told you about it, so thank you for getting this far. It’s not quite over yet as seeing photos on a website don’t really do my products justice. You cannot appreciate how lightweight my bracelets are from a description. My website is slowly evolving as too do my products, although my skills lie with a hammer and not a keyboard.

Skills background

My first job was as a coachbuilder in the late 80’s making body panels from scratch. The first test piece I was set was to make a set of Bugatti mudguards.

Bugatti mudguards

I passed and went on to be involved with some great projects over the years.  I subsequently studied Automotive Engineering Design and entered the mass production environment as a Quality Engineer.  Involved with prototype vehicles (Aston Martin DB7, MGF, Rolls Royce etc) and engineered parts I gained valuable skills along the way.

MGF prototype

This is the background to where my practical skills have come from. I combine skills from old and new to create unique and beautiful pieces.


Inspiration for products comes from many areas. Lilies were developed after missing out on my favourite flower blossoming due to having to take holidays from engineering in the first 2 weeks of August. Upon return I found the last petals falling off. After my sister introduced me to a silversmithing technique I realised I could recreate the lily and it would last.

I utilise coachbuilding techniques to shape the aluminium to give it a more intriguing feature. My butterflies, that sway in the wind due to the correct choice of flexible yet tough stem, catch the light from many angles making an interesting garden ornament. My “posty’s best friend”, the house numbers are effective at allowing people to see from a distance. Sculptures can be made to order or can select a whale tale or a wave feature for instant impact in the garden. Christmas items range from a holly wreath, table decoration and tree decorations which are all built to last rather than throwing away each year.

Where does it happen?

Working from my studio from the heart of the National Forest, Ashby de la Zouch, I aim to create pieces of art for all to enjoy. I take pleasure in working with aluminium due to its longevity; maintaining its original colour and beauty as it ages. It is possible also for you to make your own and have a go at planishing techniques to make your own butterfly or even a bracelet.

Matthew Warburton BEng PGCE LSDC (Licentiate Society Designer Craftsmen)

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