Anticlastic bracelets


Handmade anticlastic bracelets

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Anticlastic bracelets in anodised aluminium. The inside surface always has a neutral, anodised coating so does not react with the skin as having uncoated aluminium can do. Comfortable and lightweight (approx 100g) to wear.

Comes in a variety of colours and designs. See the pull down menus.

Beautiful, lightweight anodised aluminium bracelet, hand planished and polished, in a range of colours. Very easy to fit on the wrist. (see video below).

Planished and polished bracelets can be seen at shows with any colour and a choice of three finishes.

Select from the pulldown menu. Select the colour from the range in the images and choose from the “Colour” drop down menu then from the “Style” drop down menu scroll through the numbers to see the main image change to select the pattern. The colour in the photograph will not necessarily match but yours will be made to the colour/style combination you choose.

Comes complete with presentation box which can then be easily wrapped. Have an inscription added on the inside. Please ask for details/send me your requirements.



Weight 0.5 kg

Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple, Red


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