Aluminium Iris. Immediate impact in any garden or indoors

Built to last.


Planished and polished aluminium iris. This hand planished and polished iris is intended for outdoor use. It can be placed in the ground for instant impact. The flat face of the hammer is used on the metal surface to stretch the metal to create a curve surface. It also adds the effect of the petal giving it a more realistic look.
Keeps its shine for at least a season and can be polished if desired. No additional protection required as it will weather even if kept outside.

Iris stands around 1m tall with a diameter of approximately 120cm.

Getting the best from your product

To get the best from your product will ensure many years of enjoyment following these simple steps.


Hold the rod at the bottom with two hands, bend your knees keeping your back straight and push the rod into the ground.

Push into the ground sufficiently to allow good grounding


You will find the shine lasts a long time but will get dirty. If you desire you can clean with soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not use anything abrasive as scratches could occur. Polishing is possible with a metal polish but will not be required frequently (once a year or two if necessary)


Weight 100 kg
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