Hand crafted Lily

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Hand crafted lily flower for the garden. 
Due to the nature of aluminium it will give an all year long feature to your garden and will last for years. The natural forming methods of aluminium lend themselves to this particular flower. Each petal exhibits a concave and convex curve and grains which are seen on the real lily.  No flat surfaces are present and each petal is hand worked. The pistil (centre, female part) of the flower is integral to the stem ensuring strength and longevity. The stamen can be coloured or can be requested left in stainless steel form.

Simply push the stem into the ground and reposition as required. Also looks good as a group. Available as fully open and semi closed.

Approximately 1 m tall x 20 cm diameter. 

Available to order. These are hand made to order so please be patient when placing the order. I can make semi open and fully open flowers. Please email me to let me know your preference.

​P&P included

Weight 100 kg

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